Conceito Casa is a Portuguese brand that combines 20 years of experience in the area of joinery, upholstery, metalwork and lacquering, with the aim of continuous improvement in comfort and quality. With a differentiated design in the production of its pieces, the use of excellent raw materials is a constant concern for a good quality/price ratio. The brand presents an integrated production concept, with the possibility of manufacturing wood, metal and upholstery furniture. The experience acquired in the creation and manufacture of our own collection allows us to develop projects with the design and signature of interior designers, architects and decorators, unique hotel and private projects using the most diverse finishes and raw materials, solid wood and veneer, metal and upholstery in general.


Our design team creates and develops the company’s vision for each product and each client’s project, fulfilling the first step, designing and creating plans to bring dreams to life.
Its experience allows us to propose a quality/price combination that becomes central to any business.


Our highly qualified and experienced woodworking and metalworking team ensures that all pieces materialize in the vision of our design team or our customers.
It is an art at the service of the customer that ensures their satisfaction and reveals the commitment on every order.


Our experienced upholstery team plays a key role in the pieces that are produced.
The placement of the raw material of the sofa or chair is essential to ensure its durability, comfort and convenience in order to maintain customer satisfaction throughout the life cycle of use.


Our finishing team is particularly important in the final presentation of our products.
Its execution capacity translates into captivating products due to the precision and detail of its work that ensure the resistance, durability of the pieces and the satisfaction of our customers.

Based on a long experience in the field of furniture, we combine traditional techniques with effervescent creative innovation and thus bring our products to life.
We are concerned about achieving a high level of quality and comfort, materialized in an appealing and contemporary design, capable of awakening sensations that make the owners of our pieces proud.
Vasco Carvalho


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