7 Tips for choosing restaurant furniture

#7 Tips for choosing restaurant furniture

Going to a restaurant should be a gastronomic experience.

From the moment we enter to the moment we leave, we must let ourselves be carried away by the atmosphere, the staff and the food, in a unique trip that becomes memorable to the point of wanting to return there and recommending that same experience to other people.

A restaurant will never be successful if these 3 components of the experience are not taken into account. And the truth is that opening a new restaurant means taking a lot of things into account. The right location, the staff, the menu, the recipes, the bureaucracy, the marketing and much more.

In the midst of all this, sometimes decoration can seem trivial. But it really isn’t.

It’s too important a part of the customer experience to overlook, but it’s no mean feat either. Even talking only about the tables and chairs and ignoring everything else – for the sake of our argument – there are several questions that have to be raised to be sure that we have made the right choice.

Things like:

  • Price
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Spatial Constraints

There are four parameters that exemplify that, if we want to tip the balance towards success, there are many more things to think about, and when it comes to furniture, it’s not grab and go.

That’s why we leave 7 tips to take into account when furnishing your establishment.

1 – Choose the Furniture to Match the Menu

Your restaurant tells a story! Remember that you are going to receive your client for a gastronomic experience, and as such, you must prepare an entire environment to match the emotions you want to convey.

It is the typical case of “the eyes also eat” even before they enter your establishment. And if you take that into account, you’re positioning yourself for success even before you open. You can have the best cook in the world, but if your decor says otherwise it will be much more difficult.

So think, what kind of customer do you want? What kind of emotions do you want to create for her?

A calm and welcoming environment? A trendy and minimalist atmosphere? A traditional space? Think this through and make sure the furniture is in harmony with your intentions.


Of course, design is important to the success of a restaurant, but it’s not everything. While you are in the process of furnishing your restaurant, you should never ignore the functionality of the space.

Remember that you will regularly have to adapt the arrangement of tables and chairs according to the needs of your customers and that is why design should never be above functionality.

As for comfort, it also has an important weight in the decision, especially if your restaurant encourages long meals. In that case, restaurant chairs should be designed to benefit the entire customer experience in your space and at the end of the meal, comfort can make a big difference.


How do you see your space in the long term? You’ve already thought about your customers, functionality and comfort, but now it’s time to see which are the best options for you too.

For example, does it have enough space to store the chairs, or is it a small space? Does it make sense to buy folding chairs? And what kind of chairs will you want? With or without upholstery? Because if it’s upholstered, maybe it’s best to choose a material that’s easy to clean.


If you have enough space, it can be interesting to choose areas with different layouts to accommodate different types of customers. For example, a lounge at the entrance can be great for those who just want to relax and have a drink.

Different types of tables can also be designed for different types of customers. You can opt for small tables to receive couples and larger tables to receive groups. This way to avoid dragging and joining small tables to accommodate larger groups.


I’m sure you’ve also had that moment when you realize that cheap is expensive.

And we understand the temptation of cheaper options, but think these are rarely the right ones for professional use, and you may find yourself having to change them sooner than you’d expect.

Even if it is a bigger investment, think in the long term and opt for quality, durable and resistant furniture, suitable for professional use.


Before making a final decision, first draw up a plan to better organize the layout of your space. Think about the moments of great affluence, how will mobility be between the kitchen and the dining room, between the tables, at the entrance and at the bar…?

It will be easy for everyone to move around, or because of the furniture they will walk against each other. Think carefully about all aspects of the space and make life easier for your customers and employees.

7 – The Little Detail That Makes All The Difference: Rubbers

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the noise of chairs being dragged was constant? Yeah, a small detail can solve this situation. Attach rubber bands to the chair legs and avoid rubbing noise and scratches on your restaurant floor.

These are some of the tips to help you equip your restaurant and make it the space that meets your expectations and that of your customers.

At Concept Casa, we are prepared to provide you with the best experience buying your contract furniture, which will help you realize your vision.

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